Shift Pivot Momentum 


Asanda Madikane is a Quantum Transformational Success Strategist who lays the groundwork to up-level your life and mission in a potent reality-shifting experience. 

Her clients are extremely affluent & private, whom include some of the most successful people in the world. Clients range from Film directors, Music artists, EU Chair Positions, Architects, Cyber Security CEOs', Real Estate Moguls, Multiple 7, 8-figure entrepreneurs to hyper niche guru’s.


Here Are Few Of Their Stories

Jessica, Pure Point International  

$600K+ IN 4 MONTHS  

I was stuck at making $300,000 for 3 years in my business. I was frustrated. I wanted to grow my passion-driven mission to change the ecosystem in conscious cyber security. Asanda showed me how to get out of my own way and that the dream I wanted was closer than I ever imagined. Her intuitive and direct strategies helped me redefined how I wanted to show up and create a supportive system to achieve my dreams. In 4 months working with Asanda we made 200% our last year's revenue and we are on our way to hitting our goal. 


Camilla, CEO of Camilla Ma Ra

Expansive shift on business and service work, the joy and limitless. €100K in 6 weeks and €10K in a 24 hours and becoming the world's best at service. 


Jasmine,  CEO of Fuqua Realty

Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Financial Up Level  

I’m so glad I made the investment of working with Asanda! What I love about working with her is; She works with you at a spiritual and soul level, helping you bring forth your higher-self! She’s not just a coach who is going to say: “go post on social media, go call 100 people, and then come back with the results.” No, she’s also going to guide you, to go deep within yourself, to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to use the two, to help you elevate!
This is definitely coaching at a spiritual, mental, physical, and financial level!
You will manifest/ materialize more opportunities & finances, while also becoming more well-rounded, once you coach with her.
I recommend her 1,000 percent!


Libby & CEO of Goldwave Coaching  

Clarity and Confidence on First Session, Doubled Income in 4 Weeks

After my first session with Asanda, I was blown away. I’ve had a few different coaches and no one had drilled down to my truth so quickly and efficiently. I became more clear on my purpose and vision in that one session than I had in years of coaching.

Since starting with Shift/Pivot, I have doubled my income, created new successful projects, gotten clear on where my business is going & continue to receive fresh new clients every month that are dying to work with me.

Asanda is the real deal. She is such a joy to meet with every week. Her deep alignment in her own mission makes her the absolute best strategist out there. I can’t believe how much I’ve accomplished in just a little over a month, and I cannot wait to see what we can build together from here. I’m grateful to be her client.  (more to come)


Veronica, Real Estate Agent & CEO of Amavi Realty Management  

$800 to closing multi-million dollar deals in 6 weeks  

Asanda's wealth program was a game changer. The program provided a very clear and concise understanding of valuable wealth mindset principles and strategy. Asanda is a no-nonsense coach that has an innate ability to succinctly convey information so that is not only easily understood but also easily executed. I started with $800 to closing multimillion dollar deals in 6 weeks.


Mai, Founder and Board Member of Empowering Youth Exploring Justice



New Career Change, $20K in our first 2 weeks working together  and  raised $200 000


The work that Asanda does is  incredibly important. For you, the community you take part in  and in changing the world we all live in.


Olivia, CEO of 91 Days More

4X International Best Seller and  Author, Speaker and Goal Attaining Expert 

I love everything Asanda does. She is kind and thoughtful. I love how she adds spirituality with business strategy. I had a brain injury and working with her has given me more confidence and clarity. I have booked multiple speaking engagements and collaborations. I launched my book and program and now I am launching my 4th book with incredible support from Asanda. (Update - The 4th Book became the #1 International best seller and #1 international best author)


Maximilien, Courtens Baudouin & Associés  

5 Multimillion Euro Clients in 2 months  

Asanda is direct and gets straight to the heart of the problem with no compromise. She made me see what is possible and always challenges me to think bigger.  She has helped me relook at how we run our business and how to build a strong leadership to building a business culture that is part of my legacy. 


Crystal, Storyteller, Motivation Coach & Speaker

Clarity and Confidence, Started a Podcast and Creating Her Pinnacle Offer   

I am shook to the core after our first session. How the heck the universe sent you to me is a beautiful mystery. I look forward to working with you in full capacity. I KNOW there's an incredible story behind your music and your mission. I would love to have you as a guest on my podcast! ( more to come)