Here's how to ditch Fear, Anxiety & Overwhelm, effectively, to run your online business with more Confidence, Certainty & Predictability. 

(without the long, outdated and  endless healing modalities)


Learn how to create a business with more Clarity, Confidence and Predictability. 

Turning Fears Into Your Power 

(without long, repetitive affirmations and hopeful spiritual practices)

Enter the Power Pivot Portal

Are you a spiritual coach, healers or entrepreneur who wants to ditch their Fear, Anxiety & Overwhelm to running an online business and have more Confidence, Certainty & Predictability but can't beat the self-sabotage?



 Dear Spiritual Entrepreneur

Would it surprise you to learn how to finally...overcome your fear of failure, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, procrastinations  and sabotaging blocks to creating a successful business online with of more love, joy and money.


Of course you are? 

But stick with me, I will make it a  life-time worth your time...

We did it by using a completely counterintuitive model that quantum leaps results, that I am about to share with you on this page

The same model that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs step out of the stress, shame and anxiety to living a fulfilling lifestyle...

...And running a financially successful business online...

... executing their goals and mission with precession...

... creating abundance wealth from within. 

Just like Dara who overcame perfectionism, procrastination using our model to enrolling more clients and hosting her own summit. 



The best part is Dara got to learn the Fear to Power model in an intensive 6 hours bootcamp. 

That's right, instead of wasting her time in fear and doubt she activated her genius, alchemised her fear and created her own magic. 

This is Tracie who was stuck & burnt out to expansion and momentum in her practice in 30 days.

And included a group session in her practice, increasing income and giving her more time

The best part is Tracie no longer feared failure and uncertainty and build momentum in her business with her leadership and confidence.



Olivia suffered a head injury and lacked confidence and clarity to launching her own book, booking multiple speaking engagements and collaborating with industry icons.


And continues to coach artists and agencies on productivity.

The best part is Olivia turned her fear into her FREEDOM!

We could easily fill this page with success stories because we have used our model for all kinds of people in all different niches.

From start ups to entreprenuers from business owners to CEOs of multimillion dollar companies. Helping them scale and grow their business through our modalities. 

It has profoundly changed my life and change the way I feel, see and know my self. 

I am a powerful being. 

And I know that,

The thing YOU fear MOST, is your OWN POWER!


Now We Are Going To Do What Your Gurus, Spiritual Teachers Have Failed To Do For YOU!

I am going to help you Alchemise you Fear to Power 

1. Acknowledge there are four fears that kill your life and dreams

2. Break the cycle of your conditioned lies that are keeping you stuck on over and over again

3. Activate the Power Pillars and show up as a leader of your life and business

NO deep dive into the past and reliving your old traumas over and over again 

NO repetitive daily affirmations

NO policing your thoughts, habits and behaviours

NO hopeful visualisation of who you are or who you want to be or the life you want to live

NO Toxic Positivity 

Why Now, Why Here?

At some point you have hired a personal development coach who sent you down the rabbit whole that promised you the world and leaving you cold on your own...

Or that 1hour webinar that left you feeling desperate and powerless, wearing you down till you said 'YES'

We just figured its just easier  to give you back your Power 

Join a Tribe of Conscious Leaders Who are Building Powerful Personal Brands, Authorities in their Industries, Leaders and Maverics and Rule Breakers Who Are Having More Success, More Happiness And More Money With My Teaching. 

The Conscious Leadership Program That Up-Levels Your Confidence And Performance, Learn Magnetic Marketing & Influence And Sales & Persuasive Negotiations. 

It's Creating And Having What Ever You Want In Flow And What Some Would Call 'Unfair' Advantage. 

In Our Protected Container It Is Your Deliciously Devine Power. 


Let Me Help You Be The Alchemist Of Your Life 


And Quantum Leap Into Your New Consciousness


Instant Access to Power Pivot

Power Pivot : Fear to Power  

It is the luxury portal through which we will guide you to acknowledging and awaking your Genius Power

You will get the precise, unique energetic steps to designing and yielding your own desired life and business... like magic. 

Power Pivot : Fear to Power is the incubator that Releases Victim Consciousness - Period!



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WAS €1997 SAVE €497

  • Access Power Pivot Portal 
  • Bi-weekly Live Q&A
  • LIVE Group Training and Hot Seating
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  • Money Intelligence
  • Feminine and Masculine Energy
  • Marketing and Sales Magic
  • Sovereign Leadership Training
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Hi, I am Asanda Madikane

I am an Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur, Investor,  Executive Film Producer And Music Artist. 

I am a Success Strategist. I help high-achiever grow and scale their life business through conscious leadership without the overwhelm, stress and chaos.  

I am passionate about self-expression and living an apologetic life. 

My passion is personal development through leadership. 

Coaching thought-leaders and entrepreneurs to becoming influential Icons that wield the irresistible powers of an Alpha. 

Power Pivot is part of our progressive Conscious Leadership Program and Power Player Inner Circle. 

I am making this fundamental portal available for those who are ready to step into their ALPHA power, unapologetically. 


I'm going to teach you the spiritual language of your subconscious. Your Balance of Fear and Power

You master your emotions so that your triggers, habits, desires become the design of your greatest vision

I'm going to show you exactly how to create a business that you enjoy and makes money with out the crazy stress

 We will learn true, confidence and love & welcome synchronicities, romance, cured aliments and magic.

This will be a container where you will be nurtured and supported, weekly calls, guaranteed 1:1 hot seating coaching from me, Q&A and self-study material that will literally BLOW YOUR MIND.
And the Fun part ...your will learn what it means to instantly activate your divinity and power.

Fully honour your worth and surge of magnetic desire.

Are you exactly where you wanted to be? 
or are still running around still trying to figure it out? 
or trying to FIX the problem?
or working hard on your mindset 
or planning and scheduling and never executing 
or afraid of your own success 
and more afraid of your failure. 
Too much for too long 
Too much with too little attention?
You still think you can figure it out on your own?
If you are to be in control and the Master of your Mind.
To "officially' Believe In What You Do and Deserve it.
The only way to really really do the inner work is to decide on your specific outcome, that you are absolutely, non-negotiable, fully committed, 1000% supportive .
What is your tangible FOCUS?
But your MIND is WEAK and your WILL is Obese WITH LIES.
You say you what you will do. You pray it will come true. You say you practice your spiritual work, with journaling, affirmations, meditations, breath works....
That's energy masturbation.
You are just  repeating what everyone else is saying, until it feels good, feel acceptable, understandable, likeable may I say relatable.
You are willing to tell yourself any lie to get your mind to believe you are like everyone else, you are normal, you are OK
When you are not.
You are an exceptional human trapped in a boring life, failing miserably being normal.
Then the gurus, sugar-coated experts and airy fairy, peace and light lovers tell you there is something wrong with You.
I am done playing games.
I am done with victim consciousness.
I am done feeling powerless.
Are you?


It has radically changed my life and it has changed my clients' forever…
  • I created a 6 figure business in 5 months with no website, no facebook ads or crazy social media posting not even webinar.  


  • The result is helping my client who was stuck making $300 000 every year for 3 years, to exceeding by 200% revenue growth in the 5 months we have been working together in 2021.
  • I helped my client alchemise her trauma, fear and victim mentality to be the top performing Real Estate Agent at an international Brokerage. Started from $800 to Multimillion deals in 6 weeks.
  • I help my client from e commerce imposter "bossbabe" syndrome to CEO. Alchemising fear of failure, poverty mindset and saving her business from her sabotaging addiction to building a brand loyal empire. She is on her way to making 500K months in revenue.



Your constant search for yourself , the constant questioning and reflecting and unrooting and fixing. Is the entrapment of your mind. For there’s always another key to another lock to another door. 

You keep shinning a light on the problem.

That creates more problems to appear in your agreement. 

Let me show you how to SHIFT problems

How to SHIFT in life and business to your next LEVEL UP without the Drama, Chaos and Drainage Of Money. 

Let Me Into Power Pivot


The Mind that has mastered its trauma has accessed their Infinite Spirit to use the energies of the universe to get whatever the Fuck they want. - Asanda