Meet Asanda Madikane

Asanda Madikane, the singer, the artist, the businesswoman and the leader of elite leaders, is the CEO of Shift Pivot, a revolution in personal leadership and success.

She is the conduit to your unlimited genius and the grand master of luxury life and business design. A global, conscious innovation to getting more joy and wealth out of life and business.

Her luxury propriety system helps maverick CEOs, entrepreneurs and pioneering leaders, who are at the cutting edge of massive impact, process and express their greatest manifesto… in record time. Her potent leadership and her unwavering compassion, is the sort after cutting edge advantage that activate others to think bigger, be bolder and impact More Lives. 

From leading, multimillion dollar televisions commercials and films and 150+ film team members to leaving it all, to move from South Africa to Belgium and completing her MBA, and 2 start up e commercial businesses. Asanda’s poverty beginnings, were a shadow, to her life-time of working hard to build the life she wanted. But after her second child, and an emptiness she could not fill, her life changed when she pursued her passion as a singing artist. 

This is where she discovered how to create in ease, flow and grace on your own terms. It became her embodied mission to teach visionaries and change makers, how to harness the powers of sovereign leadership to achieve the unimaginable in all areas of life.

Her rapid transformational modalities are rooted in consciousness, business ethics and personal power that has made her the best in the world at unwrapping the box to your genius and being a conscious creator of your life. 

Asanda, is a true leader who’s global reputation as a visionary and the conduit of accelerated possibilities is the potency that is sort after by those who are called to do the inner work to create their greatest masterpiece. 

She is the leader of elite leaders who are ready to build their empires. 


Working with Shift Pivot 

 Shift Pivot, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of human design when it comes to the makeup and confidence of being a pioneering entrepreneur. We are actively teaching women and men around the world the velocity of personal leadership, so they can effectively make an exponential change and impact.

Incremental changes are not going to cut it anymore. The accelerated exchange of technology and information needs to activated by vibrant Sovereign leaders who are not limited to their own limited programming.

It has become our mission, to wake up the shepherd to lead the sheep. Irradiate the false illusion of personal power, so that Iconic leaders can stand in the forefront of their revolution, to propel our human civilization out of scarcity and fear.

It is a private network built to activate the most powerful women executives and leaders to strengthen their sovereign leadership, amplify  their genius and expand their rapture. So that, they can go bigger, be bolder and accelerate massive impact in the world with ease, grace and flow. 

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Creating the Success You Want from the Inside Out 

Asanda has a gift for seeing your unlimited potential.  She holds you accountable so you can be courageous enough to claim the life you've always wanted.  She challenges you, with love and support, to aim higher and fully experience who you really are, so you can reach your biggest, boldest and juiciest goals.  Her proven methods will transform your life, so you can change the lives of others.

International trainer, mentor and business success strategist.

Each one-on-one session is personally delivered by Asanda Madikane and is uniquely designed to unlock your business' highest potential, and identify existing opportunities for expansion.

Asanda creates an actionable and proven plan to maximize cash flow for female-led businesses, in the minimum amount of time.

Her proprietary method involves a unique blend of spiritual and practical strategies that will put your business on the fast-track to success - with more ease and flow than you ever imagined. 



On a mission to teaching financial literacy and creating wealth through entrepreneurship.  

Asanda works with great organizations who understand that continued personal development and business expansion are the necessities to accumulating wealth from the inside out. 

Asanda motivates your organization to achieve greatness through greater self- awareness.

She shares an uplifting message that inspired leadership is about creating legacies that change lives. 

When you are looking for a speaker who will captivate an audience, Asanda delivers with the highest integrity.  Her areas of expertise include leadership skills, wealth creation ideas, personal development and motivation.  Asanda has a proven track record of  impressing audiences with her engaging and memorable presentations.  

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A true representation of what Asanda teaches is expressed through her  music.

Singer, songwriter, executive producer Asanda Madikane is known as ASNDA. 

ASNDA writes about the emancipation of love, sex and desire through her evocative and conversational lyrics. Her catchy pop melodies and soulful voice offer a welcoming invitation to all of humanity to enter into her musical universe.

ASNDA describes her signature musical style as vivid cinematic pop.  Some of her favourite themes to explore include unapologetic women and tragic love.


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